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Real Cambodia Tours is a small company
dedicated to providing you with an intimate travel experience during your stay here in Cambodia – The Kingdom of Wonder.

We are so very proud of our country and look forward to sharing its difficult and yet rich, colorful and beautiful history with you in all its challenging complexity. We want to join you and introduce you to the majestic temples of Angkor, the life and beauty of the Tonle Sap Lake, the local wildlife and glorious sunsets, the colorful culture, crafts and delicious Khmer food and of course the people of Cambodia.

You can choose from one of the listed tours that we already have or ask us to create something truly unique and special just for you. Contact us for more information.

We will create intimate and unforgettable experiences for you, your family and your friends.

Together we will provide you with a memorable trip that will resonate for years to come.
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What Our Clients Think

I explored the ruins of Angkor Wat and other temples with a native guide: Chann. He was an incredible guide
Our guide Horn Rien was fantastic. He took us to a market where local residents sell their produce, meat, fish, and food and do their shopping.
Stories of real life, from someone who lived thru it all.

Soun can make you laugh and cry, never a dull moment speeding anytime with him.
Paul s

What Our Clients Think

Soun was excellent historian & storyteller with his 'been there' knowledge freely sharing his personal experiences. He was very professional, answered all of our questions and gave of his time freely.
Soun made the history come a live and shed light on the Khmer Rouge period of Cambodia history. Soun's stories are important to hear. I highly recommend making him part of your visit to Cambodia.
Wow. This is the only way to see Cambodia. Suon and Silong made the experience so personal. Suon's stories and Silong's attention to detail were a perfect combination. 
Elizabeth p

Silong Dork

Founder & Manager
Silong has worked as a professional tour guide Since 2018 and has worked in a variety of roles as an administrator/receptionist supervision of tour administration, to co-leading educational adventures for students and the management of a war museum in Siem Reap. Silong comes with a wealth of experience in management and development work and has spent time as a researcher and evaluator for a variety of organizations . In his spare time he is a passionate advocate for others, has lectured at Angkor University, volunteer with a range of local social impact projects, and has acted as a volunteer mentor. He lives in Siem Reap and enjoys good coffee, conversation and riding his bike through rural Cambodia.

Mony Pich

Team Leader & Tour Leader
Mony is from Battambang province next to Cambodia and Thai’s border. He has been working as a cycling guide in Battambang for 8 years and now he becomes a founder of Soksabike Tour that specializes in biking. He has been working in many projects that working with sustainable development from the community level to the national level. Recently he has got a license as a temple guide from the government and becomes a professional guide not only cycling but also temple guide. He is also a co-leading educational adventures for student at Ayana Journeys Tour and The Jump Foundation. He is very passionate in sharing about the local culture, local lifestyle and religious philosophy like Buddhism, Hinduism and others. He enjoys good coffee, conversation and riding his bike through rural Cambodia.

Chann Thoeun

Tour and Project Leader
Chann has been working in hotel industry more than 10 years in the management level. He is also a licensed temple guide in Siem Reap. He have lead variety groups of visitors visiting temple, local places and around Cambodia. Now he joins Real Cambodia Tour as a Tour & Project Leader. Chann is very passionate in sharing the origin of the land, culture, daily life and nature of Cambodia. He enjoys good coffee, conversation and empowering young fresh tourism graduated students in long term sustainable tourism development in Cambodia.

Soun Rattana

Killing Field Historical Guide
Soun is a former teenage Khmer Rouge rebel, soldier with the Cambodian army, prisoner of war, and landmine amputee. Now a wounded man looking for redemption, he is like Siddhartha, seeking a simpler life of meaning and acceptance. As a soldier and landmine survivor he discovers why reconciliation and peace matter more than we know. And we join him on his journey of reflection as a tour guide at several memorial war museums just outside the majestic temples of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia. He has been guiding tourist about the killing field history for more than 10 years. He is very opened and happy to share his personal story and the history of the killing field/ Pol Pot’s regime.


Killing Field Historical Guide(Freelance)
Thom is a landmine amputee. He isn’t a former solider but he himself has witness the war and suffer by the landmine and the starvation during the civil war in Cambodia. He has met Soun when he was teenager and Soun has empower him by sharing his english knowledge and the history of the war in Cambodia. From a disability boy that have been discriminate to become an English teacher and Killing field historical guide. Before COVID 19, he was a Camp manager base in Kompongthom and Preah Vihear province for Camp International Cambodia.

Horn Rein

Temple Guide (Freelance)
Horn is from Siem Reap. he has worked as a professional tour guide since 2018 and has worked in a variety of roles in hotel industry from the receptionist to the supervisor. He used to be a teacher teaching Math at private school for high school student. Recently he is a co-leading educational adventures for students and also a freelancer temple guide for different tour companies in Siem Reap. He is very passionate in sharing about Cambodian culture, local lifestyle, educational development and others. In his free time, he like taking photograph of the temple and nature.


Temple Guide (Freelance)
Lee is an established English Tour Guide in generation 24th,since 2017, Graduated Bachelor degree at Tourism Management. Lee was working at 5star hotel before graduated, also he is the real local who are passionate about his culture, historical of his thriving communities, not only tour guide just lead travelers visit cambodia, but also the facilitator to educational school trip as well. His vision to turn local to the next step of new civilization and make his communities sustainable tourism.

Sann Khlem

Temple Guide(Freelance)
Sann is from Siem Reap. He comes with a wealth experience in management level in tourism industry. He used to be an operation manager at Trunk Travel and The Bamboo project. He has lots of experience in operation in tour companies, designing product for tourist, leading and facilitating variety groups of tourist coming for holiday or school program around Cambodia. He has also worked as a professional tour guide Since 2018. He is very passionate in sharing his experience about the social and sustainable development and being a good volunteer in Cambodia. In his free time, He likes driving his Motor adventuring in the jungle.