How to book a transportation in Siem Reap 

As we are going to share with you what the locals’ transportation in Siem Reap are, we would like to start with a brief introduction about this province. Siem Reap Province is located in northwestern Cambodia. This is the second largest city of Cambodia and It was also the city of the Khmer Empire in the ancient time as well (9th – 13th century). Beside agricultural products this province is the main tourist area of Cambodia. You might already know about Angkor Wat and temples if we talk about visiting Siem Reap, however, there are more things to do in this province. In 2019 this destination received around 2.2 million international tourists. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, this number rapidly dropped from 2.2 million to 400,000 foreign visitors. 

When you are here on this page reading this article, you might be planning to visit Siem Reap or you probably are here in Siem Reap already. This article is gonna be sharing with you the most convenient and common transportations in Siem Reap. We believe that being in a foreign country could be challenging to find transportation, especially how to get a booking or how to tell where we want to go. Here in this article we would like to share some information that we think will help you around this activity. 

PassApp: What is PassApp ? PassApp is a type of transportation platform that allows you to book your transportation by using a PassApp application on your phone. This platform is the most convenient way to get a ride in Siem Reap and generally in Cambodia. Why is this platform the most convenient transportation booking ? After installation and registration you can book transportation easily. Moreover, you can use the drop off option that allows you to address the place you want to go on the booking form. With this platform you know how much for the trip as well.

Why PassApp ? PassApp is available in most of the places in Cambodia while some other transportation is available in the city only. Make sure you install one when you are here. 

How to use PassApp: You need to install the PassApp application first by going to your App Store and searching for PassApp. After finishing, you can register by using your Cambodia phone number. Make sure you have one. Once the very code is sent through SMS on your phone and you verify your account already that means now you can make a booking. Learn more about PassApp here

Tuk Tuk ( Kong Bi ): Tuk Tuk is a typical transportation in Siem Reap. You can see Tuk Tuk everywhere in Siem Reap. This type of transportation still plays in the traditional way without being connected to any technology as we know about PassApp. Basically, you need to approach them for the booking or they come to you for an offering. 

How to make a booking:  You need to get out of your place where you are and find a Tuk Tuk or They will ask you if you need a tuk tuk or not. The driver will raise their hand and look at you or they will keep saying “ Tuk Tuk ? ” again and again. With this type of transportation you need to talk about the cost and make bargaining before you get the ride. Make sure you do this before getting a ride.


Why Tuk Tuk: It is easy to find them because tuk tuk is everywhere in the city center. Taking tuk tuk could be a fun activity because you will have a ride full of fresh air. The space on tuk tuk is big and open, no wall. You will feel relaxed and fresh riding Tuk Tuk. Where can you find tuk tuk ? Mostly, you can find tuk tuk in front of your hotel or market.


Tour Transportations: Tour transportation is a mix of all types of transportation in Siem Reap. You might see a bus or van but this can also be a tuk tuk or bicycle. This transportation is available only when you book tour activity with tour agencies or tour operators to organize for you. You basically pay this as a package. 

How to travel from Siem Reap to other destinations: This section we would like to share the simple way that you can travel from Siem Reap to other destinations. 

Public Bus: taking the bus is simple and easy. People love to take buses from one province to another because this is the simple way and safe. 

How to book the Bus: There are several bus companies to take, however people find the most convenient one provides good service. The most simple way to book a bus ticket is to call them or you can book when you arrive as well but to be safe calling is the best way. 

Most bus companies are available for online booking so you can also book a bus ticket online by going to their website or you can go to their facebook page to find their contact. You can find more information about bus here 

Why travel by bus: Traveling by bus could be a new experience of traveling. You will get to travel with locals and understand how locals travel. Travel by bus is also the most safe way to travel in Cambodia. 

Taxi: Back to the memory of our childhood. There were only taxis available and the road was so difficult. This type of transportation is still available today. However it would be a bit difficult to book or find the most convenient one. This travel style is getting less and less since people are looking for the one that is easier for them. 

How to Book a Taxi: The easiest way to book a taxi is that you need to have their phone number. So to get that you can ask your hotel receipts to help you to find one. But if you don’t you can go to the taxi station near you to get one. Just be aware that it would be difficult if you go directly to the station since everyone would come to convince you to go with them. 

Why travel by Taxi: Traveling by taxi is faster and always available because you can book your private taxi any time. If you take a taxi, they can do the pick up and drop off for you so it is a bit easier that you don’t have to book another vehicle to go to your place.

We hope you find this article useful for you. We are happy to share with you. If you have something that you feel like we can help, please contact us. You are more than welcome to connect to us.