Siem Reap is the second biggest city of Cambodia and it is a unique one among the country . This city is full of historical stories, Local beliefs, local night markets and a famous pub street for tourists to enjoy. This tour is to introduce you to Siem Reap town at least a few places of it. you will see the different corners of the local site and tourist site . You will taste the local food. And it is the best tour for you to understand Siem Reap city on the first time visiting Siem Reap.



    • Start time – 4:30 pm
    • Finish time– Approx 8:30 pm
    • Meeting place/ Pick up – Your accommodation in SR city 
    • Places include– Wat Domnak, Preah Ang Chek Preah Angchom, Local night market, Pubstreet 
    • Transportation – Tuk Tuk
    •  Dinner – Dinner at a nice restaurant in Town

At 4:30 pm Your guide and Tuk Tuk driver will pick you up from  your hotel straight to the active buddhist temple. When you are here your guide walks you around and show you what the difference is in the temple. And then you will go to another religious place in the middle of the town after that you will visit a local night market and street food that you mostly see only local people. You will taste some food here. Then you will go to have dinner with your guide. After dinner, you will go for a cocktail. You and your guide will walk around the pub street and noon night market. And then the guide brings you back to your accommodation.


For a private tour for:

  • 1 person the price is $ 70 USD / person
  • 2 people the price is $ 45 USD / person
  • 3 – 4 people the price is $ 40 USD / person
  • 5 – 10  people the price is $ 35 USD / person
  • More than 10 people, we can discuss the price with the request
    Local Guide (Meal ) $ 37 USD
    Dinner, Tasting street Food & cocktail  $ 17 USD / person
    Tuk Tuk $ 12.5 USD 
    Water, donating to pagoda& Others $ 3 USD 

This price included: 

  • Tasting the food in every places
  • Experienced English speaking Guide
  • Dinner
  • Private Tuk Tuk transportation with pick up and drop off
  • Pure drinking water
  • Fair payment to all involved service person


We are happy to welcome children and  offer a free tour for children aged 5 years old and under. And we will discount 20% for children aged 6 – 10 years old.

    Old Market

    Night Market

    Active Buddhist Temple


    • The Highlight  of The city
    • Local night market and pubstreet.
    • Active buddhist temple
    • Strine of local belief