Today you will visit  the Hinduism, Buddhism and Animism Temple built by the great warrior king of the empire. You will witness the world’s biggest religious temple, rich with fine art sculpture on the wall with the meaningful symbolization of our daily lives,  and visit the biggest ancient khmer buddhist temple with a smiling stone face. Uncovered the ancient legendary temple, followed by the royal palace of the most powerful Khmer king covered by trees. The hidden temple in the juggle and  the tree growing out of the ruin and surrounded by the jungle. Your guide will be someone who can share the meaningful symbol of each ruin and also he is someone who represents the locals of the kingdom of wonder. You will have lunch with the local family near the temple.


  • Start time – 7:00 am
  • Finish time– Approx 2:30pm
  • Meeting place/ Pick up – Your accommodation in SR city 
  • Temples includeAngkor Wat, Bayon, Bapon, Phimean Askas, Royal Palace, Tanei and Ta Prohm temple.
  • Transportation – Tuk Tuk
  • Lunch – You will have lunch at a local family nearby the temple

At 7:00am Your guide and tuktuk’s driver will be in the lobby of your hotel. Your guide will bring you to the ticket office(if you don’t have a ticket yet) to buy a ticket along the way to the temple. By starting this time, your guide will bring you the opposite way from other tourists to give you a chance with a really quiet environment to explore each temple. You will start with the temple with the tree called Ta Prohm and follow by a small hidden temple in the jungle nearby called Tanei temple. Then you will go straight to the big city of the Khmer empire. They are the group of temples near each other with the Royal Palace, Phimean Akas, Bapon and Bayon temple. You will have a coconut break during this visit. Not far from this temple, you and your guide will have lunch at a local family.You will taste real Khmer food cooked by the locals. After Lunch you will visit the biggest and last temple is Angkor Wat Temple. Time to go back to the hotel for some rest.


For a private tour for:

  • 1 person the price is $ 75 USD / person
  • 2 people the price is $ 50 USD / person
  • 3 – 4 people the price is $ 40 USD / person
  • 5 – 10  people the price is $ 35 USD / person
  • More than 10 people, we can discuss the price with the request 

This price included: 

  • Private licensed English speaking Guide
  • Lunch with local family
  • Private Tuktuk transportation with pick up and drop off
  • Pure drinking water
  • Coconut break and fruits for snack 
  • Fair payment to all involved service person

This price not included: 

  • Entrance temple ticket 
  • Breakfast 

For  one entrance ticket,  you can go into every temple inside Siem Reap Angkor archaeological park. You are free to buy whichever ticket will best suit your needs: 1 day ( $37), 3 days ($62), or 7 days ($72 )


We are happy to welcome children and  offer a free tour for children aged 5 years old and under. And we will discount 20% for children aged 6 – 10 years old.

    Angkor Wat Temple

    Bayon Temple

    Taprom Temple


      • The world largest religious monument
      • Visiting the state temple of the Khmer empire, 
      • Experiencing with an experienced temple guide to Animism, Hinduism and buddhism temple 
      • The hidden temple, Legendary temple, Royal Palace of the big city, Smiling stone face temple and The ruin temple with the tree on the top
      • Lunch with local family