Buddhism has been the state religion of Cambodia for hundreds of years. Cambodians believe in Buddhism in different ways. Some believe only the philosophy and some believe in the spirituality of the religion itself. This belief is very deep inside the people. There is one belief among other beliefs in Buddhism is offering food to the monk. It happens everyday with Cambodian people. To understand and experience yourself, you can sign up for this tour, your guide will help you to meet and  connect you with the monk by offering the food. I believe you will understand deeper why Cambodian heal from the Killing Field so fast like now.



  • Start time – 9:30 am
  • Finish time– Approx 12:30pm
  • Meeting place/ Pick up – Your accommodation in SR city 
  • Places include– Wat Enkorsa 
  • Transportation – Tuk Tuk
  • Lunch – After the tour, your guide can drop you at the restaurant in town or drop you at the hotel

At 9:30 am Your guide and tuk tuk driver will pick you up from  your hotel straight to the active buddhist temple called Wat En Korsa. Your guide will prepare food, fruit and other needs for the offering. When you arrive your guide will show you how to do the offering and you will do the offering and get the small water blessing with the red string tied on your wrist for good luck. Some monks can speak English very well. You can have a conversation with the month by asking any questions that you want to understand about buddhism. 


For a private tour for:

  • 1 person the price is $ 69 USD / person
  • 2 people the price is $ 45 USD / person
  • 3 – 4 people the price is $ 37 USD / person
  • 5 – 10  people the price is $ 33 USD / person
  • More than 10 people, we can discuss the price with the request 

price included

  • Food, Fruits and other needs for the offering
  • Experienced English speaking Guide
  • Private Tuk Tuk transportation with pick up and drop off
  • Pure drinking water
  • Donation to the temple


We are happy to welcome children and  offer a free tour for children aged 5 years old and under. And we will discount 20% for children aged 6 – 10 years old.


    • Active Buddhist temple
    • The offering
    • Tie red string and  Blessing
    • Conversation with the Monk