Soun Ratana

Soun Ratana

Killing Field Historical Guide

My name is Soun Rotana. I’m a teacher, a tour guide and a storyteller. I’m also a former teenage Khmer Rouge rebel, soldier with the Cambodian army, North Vietnamese prisoner of war and landmine amputee. I have stories to tell.  And I want to make your Cambodian experience personal and authentic by inviting you into my journey as I proudly share my country with you. I will make you laugh, smile and cry.

My reviews while I worked at the Cambodian War Remnant Museum earned me a 100% rating with TripAdvisor.

I have had many students over the years. One is a new guide who has worked with me at several local museums in Siem Reap and we are now working together to create memorable Cambodia travel experiences for our guests. We bring both wisdom and understanding of the past with a fresh outlook and perspective on the future that will help you make the most of your few days touring through the sites of Siem Reap and the countryside of Cambodia.

If you’re interested in someone who can connect the past with the future then I can be your guide. I want to change the way the world thinks about war, peace, friendship and reconciliation. I’ll show you the sites you want to see, uncover a few treasures you won’t experience anywhere else and connect it all to the greater story of Cambodia – The Kingdom of Wonder.

David Peck

Speaker and Podcaster

“Suon is a great tour guide. A real professional. He knows Cambodia and he understands how important the history of his country is to any memorable tour. It’s about “seeing the sites”, but more importantly it’s about the stories that provide the important historical context. Suon is a master storyteller. You will not forget your time together and you won’t be disappointed.”