Soun Ratana

Soun Ratana

Killing Field Historical Guide

My name is Soun Rotana. I’m a teacher, a tour guide and a storyteller. I’m also a former teenage Khmer Rouge rebel, soldier with the Cambodian army, North Vietnamese prisoner of war and landmine amputee. I have stories to tell.  And I want to make your Cambodian experience personal and authentic by inviting you into my journey as I proudly share my country with you. I will make you laugh, smile and cry.

My reviews while I worked at the Cambodian War Remnant Museum earned me a 100% rating with TripAdvisor.

I have had many students over the years. One is a new guide who has worked with me at several local museums in Siem Reap and we are now working together to create memorable Cambodia travel experiences for our guests. We bring both wisdom and understanding of the past with a fresh outlook and perspective on the future that will help you make the most of your few days touring through the sites of Siem Reap and the countryside of Cambodia.

If you’re interested in someone who can connect the past with the future then I can be your guide. I want to change the way the world thinks about war, peace, friendship and reconciliation. I’ll show you the sites you want to see, uncover a few treasures you won’t experience anywhere else and connect it all to the greater story of Cambodia – The Kingdom of Wonder.

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David Peck

Speaker and Podcaster

“Suon is a great tour guide. A real professional. He knows Cambodia and he understands how important the history of his country is to any memorable tour. It’s about “seeing the sites”, but more importantly it’s about the stories that provide the important historical context. Suon is a master storyteller. You will not forget your time together and you won’t be disappointed.”


Tourist at War Remnant Museum Siem Reap

Suon had lost part of his leg and so invited us to come and sit with him when we had finished, as it hurt him to walk and guide people around. Listening to him talk about his life experience being indoctrinated into the Khmer Rouge as a child soldier added a whole new layer of emotion to the visit. I defy anyone listening to his story to leave without shedding a tear. I tried not to as it wasn’t I who had suffered, but he assured me that when visitors feel his pain and emotion and express it through crying, it helps him know that he has made an impact on their lives and they will continue to try and educate other people about the horror of war.” 


A living musuem wich provide a window into Cambodia tragic past 

The best part of the museum however, isn’t the objects but rather the guide/driving force behind the Museum. Amm Sam Suon was a former Khmer Rouge child soldier who, after losing part of his leg to a landmine, underwent a UN rehabilitation project to return child soldiers to society. He has a fascinating and sad story. Make sure that you take the opportunity to speak with him.


sobering, Poinent & informative

Amm Sam Suon’s (the creator of the museum and on-site guide) story is very moving and sad. But his openness and willingness to share his life and experiences to educate visitors and contribute to the future of Cambodia is touching and inspiring.


Moving and Educational

Decided to visit this museum after hearing Suon, the director and former child soldier, tell his story at an event one night. Really glad we went! A moving experience thanks to the guides who explain everything. Small but worth the 1 hour to go out there. Also got to chat with Suon after which is a plus! Incredible man with a vision to help the community around him.


Well worth meeting Soun

Suon, who was my guide at the museum, is a man on a mission and a worthy mission it is. With this simple museum he is hoping to engage and educate both Cambodians and visitors about the country’s fairly recent history.
Recruited as a child soldier by the Khmer Rouge he speaks openly about his past, admitting to having been brain-washed but also explaining how politics and history aren’t black and white.
After four weeks in Cambodia Suon was the first Cambodian I met who was truly willing to speak about the past – that he was on the ‘wrong side’ of the war only made it more interesting.


Powerful and Important Experience

We had the opportunity to meet Soun, one of the founders of the museum at a talk we stumbled upon. Moved by his story and experiences as a child soldier, we visited the museum the next day before our flight. This is a small museum with a large impact. You’re personally guided through the museum and given information about weapons, history, and the experiences of child soldiers. I also found the experience of truly hearing how the impact of other countries and my own country impacted people’s lives and the war in Cambodia